Welcome to BestFeeding Lactation & Feeding Consultation

Welcome to BestFeeding Lactation & Feeding Consultation

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my website and checking out this blog page.  It has been a vision of mine for over two years now to start my own lactation and feeding consultation business and the time has finally come!  BestFeeding Lactation & Feeding Consultation is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Pennsylvania and depending on how successful this becomes, I will begin to serve communities outside of PA in the surrounding areas in the future.  I will primarily offer home visits to those in need and over time, hope to begin holding community events and a support group in the future.

As mentioned in the "Welcome" section, my name is Beckie Walker (Rebecca A. Walker for professional purposes) and I am the founder and owner of BestFeeding!  I am currently a nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in West Philadelphia and a lactation consultant at Lankenau Medical Center on the Main Line in Wynnewood, PA.  I am a graduate of Drexel University where I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, a minor in Addictions Counseling, and a concentration in Human Lactation & Breastfeeding.  In 2015, i completed these programs and obtained my Registered Nurse licensure as well as my International Board Certified Lactation Consultation Certification.

My hope, as a lactation consultant and owner of my own business, is to being a support system and inspiration to mothers (and fathers!) who are in need of assistance with breastfeeding, lactation, and/or feeding their child(ren).  My nursing background in addition to a career as a lactation consultant has allowed me and will continue to allow me to offer perspective into successful feeding, growing, and development in a child.  As a practitioner, working with a multidisciplinary team (doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, speech pathologists, dietitians, etc.) is a top priority and will occur as needed with my work as an IBCLC.  I am extremely passionate about working with mothers and babies whether they are newborns and in need of initial assistance or a feeder and grower who's on a nursing strike, for example.  

Please stay tuned for blog posts from myself, guest writers including medical practitioners, parents, and community members who can offer additional resources in conjunction with BestFeeding.  I am so grateful for your support and welcome you to the BestFeeding community!